Homeschoolers are welcome in any class, and I also offer classes during school hours geared especially for them!


The Curious Brush is a registered vendor with the following charter schools, and I will gladly accept their purchase orders and vouchers:  

  • Visions in Education

  • Horizon Charter Schools

  • South Sutter Charter School

  • The Cottonwood School

  • Sequoia Grove Charter Alliance

(Clarksville, Feather River, Lake View, and Winship)

During spring 2022, I have two classes created especially for homeschoolers in grades K-6:

Mar/Apr: Mondays from 10 a.m.-12 noon; March 7-April 4. Cost is $150 for all 5 classes. 

May: Mondays from 10 a.m.-12 noon; May 2-23. Cost is $120 for all 4 classes. 

Reflections and perspective were the lessons for this piece, and the Northern Lights were the inspiration! 

Feedback from parents:

"I am so grateful that The Curious Brush started offering homeschool classes! We've attended several with friends, and the kids of all ages (littles up to teens) have participated and enjoyed learning new techniques while creating fantastic pieces of art! I always consider it a win when a teacher can teach to various ages and abilities, and the kids leave feeling successful and having had fun!"

-- E. Biedenbender, Citrus Heights

"We have been going to The Curious Brush for almost a year now. Each class is masterfully taught in her art studio. The studio is clean, and professional, and every time I come in for pick-up/drop-off every child in the room has a smile on their face. My children love the classes Julie runs, and I also appreciate how effortless she makes the voucher process through our charter school."

-- L. McGill, Sacramento

Color blending from light to dark was the lesson for this piece, and holiday trees were the inspiration! 

homeschool tree.JPG